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At Back to Basics it is our mission to honor customers with an authentic experience, generated by devoted home improvement professionals and fueled by premium performance, we strive for excellence inside and out.

To provide the most exceptional service, Back to Basics is dedicated to serving Highlands Ranch and the surrounding communities.

“Professional Quality by Quality Professionals”

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Why Choose Back to Basics?

Back to Basics Home Improvement is a four-season property maintenance company, a local handyman, organized around the naturally revolving responsibilities of home ownership specializing in a complex variety of residential services. At Back to Basics it is our mission to honor customers with an authentic friendly experience generated by devoted home improvement professionals who care to be precise, practical, and reliable. Fueled by premium performance, we strive for excellence inside and out.

Back to Basics is individually owned and operated to guarantee exceptional service, and prove that your satisfaction is absolutely my business. The focus is to be your guy; more like a friend than a neighbor, my goal is to reinforce a strong working relationship you can count on. With pride in my community we embrace every interaction with enthusiasm and respect, creating a collaborative business environment and supportive work culture. Built around principles of faith and family, Back to Basics is a Highlands Ranch home improvement provider focused on the quality of service rather than the quantity served. I enjoy tackling challenges without compromise and have been taking care of families in the south metro area for 10 years with a proven track record, and excellent customer retention. Tailor your experience to discover competitive pricing from an insured company you can trust.

This business is my life’s work. My name is Cody Forlenza, owner of Back to Basics Home Improvement. My story starts at Fox Creek Elementary when I began doing small projects for my huge family and neighborhood friends through middle school. By the time I reached Highlands Ranch High School that desire to help people expanded to wanting to make a visible difference and I began branding.  A contemplative in action, I organized my first handyman flyer and built up the courage to hit the streets individually going door to door to thousands of homes to announce my passion. That was thirteen years ago now, and with that experience I put myself through college achieving a life-long dream of graduating Regis University with a degree in Business Management. Backed by a strong education, my vision for Back to Basics is more focused than ever and have made the conscious effort to make this my permanent home and life’s work to forever give back to the community that raised me.


“I have known Cody to be hardworking and ambitious his whole life. One of the most driven people I have ever met, at a young age Cody just loved being present with people lending a hand and showing an aptitude for strong business relationships. In that time I feel like he has helped us with a ton of things around the house done right the first time too. He’s bright, charming, and there when we needed him. I would recommend him to anyone for anything. Two thumbs up!”

-Wendy Crichton