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At Back to Basics it is our mission to honor customers with an authentic experience, generated by devoted home improvement professionals and fueled by premium performance, we strive for excellence inside and out.

To provide the most exceptional service, Back to Basics is dedicated to serving Highlands Ranch and the surrounding communities.

“Professional Quality by Quality Professionals”

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Back to Basics Home Improvement is a proud partner working alongside real estate investment companies specializing in setting the standard for renovated fix and flip homes in the area.   As a refined skillset and an extension of my work experience, this photo gallery captures the amazing results from a talented team I am honored to be a part of. Together these individual efforts combine to create the sum of parts you see here and would not be possible without collaborative excellence and expertise. My role consists of everything preparation through completion, readying the property along the way for sub-contractors to be successful by acting as a blending agent for overlapping and supportive tasks. Like a glorified handyman my skills are integrated, well developed, and wide spread proving to be an asset during all phases of construction.

Anything Demolition

We do floors, walls, load bearing & non, door openings, drywall, tile, windows, kitchens, cabinets, appliances, soffits, bathrooms, showers. More like strategic disassembly, demo requires more than a heavy hammer. Experience with plumbing and electrical hazards is an undisputed professional necessity to insure a safe and successful mitigation outcome.

Carpentry & Framing

All standard framing, half walls, door casing and frames, fine trim, baseboards, bathrooms and showers, basements, closets, crown molding, and shelving. Acting as the first step in any new design, structural framing is a service staple for all home improvements.

Finish Work

Updated hinges, door knobs, bathroom trim, light fixtures, vent covers, appliances, cabinets and vanity hardware, bi-fold doors, shower doors, toilets, mirrors, towel racks, basic paint, electrical covers, blinds, etc. The grand finale in finish work is a hallmark that brings appeal to every space and pulls everything together seamlessly to make a strong impression of aesthetic completion.