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Landscape groundskeeping is about the naturally revolving seasons of outdoor property maintenance. Home ownership comes with the responsibility of steady upkeep, and as a forever resident I take pride in the effort to uphold the community’s strong standard of beautiful neighborhood landscapes.  Adding decorative mulch, collecting leaves, prepping gardens, caring for lawns, trimming trees and shaping bushes all happens year round. Services at Back to Basics intentionally follow the normal progression of seasonal demands to conveniently offer you a variety of custom care packages. Partner with a company that does it all in exterior home improvement!

At Back to Basics it is our mission to honor customers with an authentic experience, generated by devoted home improvement professionals and fueled by premium performance, we strive for excellence inside and out.

“Professional Quality by Quality Professionals”

To provide the most exceptional service, Back to Basics is dedicated to serving Highlands Ranch and the surrounding communities.

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Yard Cleanup

A thorough yard cleanup is an overall improvement of the entire landscape, bringing out the very best of what is there no matter how neglected or overgrown. A true customer favorite, results can be dramatic instantly upgrading the appearance by removing years of yard debris, trash, weeds, dead leaves and branches,  to trim trees, shape bushes, cut sprouts, prune hedges, ready perennials, chop grasses, rake rock, move mulch, sift dirt, align borders you name it! Provide your yard with the boost it deserves, and get on top of this year’s maintenance by combining other services that maximize the overall experience.

Mulch & Bark

Mulch comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and style. Appeal and versatility makes landscape mulch/bark desirable in most residential designs because it can be maintained, added to and matched overtime. Replacing weathered bark with a fresh layer of rich new mulch is an effective way to regularly accent the homes natural features.

Raking Leaves

Leaf cleanup services honor exceptional raking practices Spring through Fall, plus the use of blowers extends our reach to clear out rock beds, flower gardens, and other perimeter landscaping where leaves seem to stack up year round. Join the many others who have traded their last day stuffing leaves in bags for a routine cleanup company that does the maintenance for you.  When the leaves fall who are you going to call!

Garden Rototilling

Rototilling is an essential part of garden preparation mastering the age old technique of turning over compact soil to add a more fertile mixture of compost. Trading an ox for handlebars, the key is to hold on tight digging down 6 to 10 inches blending several layers of cultivated topsoil for improved water filtration. Tilling community plots or working right there at home, planting a productive vegetable garden starts with the dirt works crew.

Tree, Bush & Shrub Care

Trees, bushes, and shrubs need to be trimmed properly in order to train the plants growth, establishing a healthy appearance by cutting rouge branches and influencing blooms. Shaping those hedges is important for improving density and increasing plant life or increasing a trees overall survivability. When that day comes when you finally want that tree or bush gone, we’re also experts at removing them to the roots completely!

Bricks & Borders

Bricks & borders are an expected feature in most landscapes thus experience building retaining walls and laying pavers allows us to provide other maintenance services to paths and flagstone patios as well. Give it an edge, make it last with structural sand or bulk it up with breezeway.