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Aerations are an absolute vital step towards achieving a healthy lawn. As a process, perforating 3 inch holes in compact soil allows for a more efficient exchange of air, water, and nutrients to stimulate deeper growth all the way down to the roots. Get the most out of every application of fertilizer and soak up each drop of rain, because add a little sun shine and you have the ingredients to a fuller healthy lawn!


Fertilizer & Soil Treatment

A green and growing lawn is the result of balanced fertilization. Feeding the grass regularly is as important as normal watering, because it replenishes lost essential nutrients and enriches the supporting soil. Healthy lawns absorb nitrogen for thick green color, and phosphate because it promotes a strong living root system, with potassium aiding overall resistance to disease and drought.

We’ve had outstanding results with the Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food because it is an organic-based fertilizer made right here in Colorado. Safe for children, pets, wildlife, and the environment this Richlawn product is a Dehydrated Poultry Waste containing slow release micro-nutrients not found in conventional chemical fertilizers. Click to learn more!

Mid-March, late April, early June, early September.

Revive organic soil treatment is naturally composed of processed plant bi-products and decomposition extracts that act like conditioner for lawn soil, breaking down surface tensions in Colorado’s tough clay and improving water penetration loosening trapped nutrients along the way.


Power Rake/De-Thatching

Power raking removes layers of thatch and dead grass that accumulates over several years from eventually suffocating the root system of valuable nutrients. Restoring the lawns natural circulation of air and water allows fertilizer to absorb more directly into the top soil where it is needed most. Too much thatch is restrictive, watch the PowerRake in action as it literally combs through matted grass leaving behind a thick visible trail of dead material to be raked, pilled and bagged.