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Property Maintenance Handyman - Highlands Ranch Colorado

Everyone needs a property maintenance handyman on their team with the right tools, skill, and expertise to advance any job. The secret to a beautiful home is consistency, simply caring for what you have can preserve investments you already made - saving time and money by partnering with friendly professionals committed to creating that peace of mind. Routine home checkups guarantee that you always have clean cutters, sealed lumber, washed concrete, winterized sprinklers, and access to other general indoor handyman services as well year round. (pressure washer, gutter cleaning, sprinkler blowouts, custom storage, paint & stain, general handyman)

At Back to Basics it is our mission to honor customers with an authentic experience, generated by devoted home improvement professionals and fueled by premium performance, we strive for excellence inside and out.

To provide the most exceptional service, Back to Basics is dedicated to serving Highlands Ranch and the surrounding communities.

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutters fill up quickly even under normal conditions, layering heavy sediment like sand and mud to the bottom to mix with small twigs and organic decay that get packed in the middle under the new fallen leaves of this year. If you can see debris from the ground assume blockage from the roof is worsening, compromising drainage to in fact hold water rather than diverting it away from the home. Going into this year’s wet season reestablish the flow of rain water today and order your comprehensive cleanout!

Sprinkler Blowouts

Sprinkler blowouts are a crucial requisite for any working irrigation system, because pressurized air forces out standing water to prevent burst pipes as a result of freezing temperatures. Winterizing those sprinkler lines effectively takes a step by step process that requires high volume compressor tanks to deliver a steady regulated flow to push residual moisture through each component in the zone. Done successfully this will insure valuable protection of the backflow preventer, valves, copper pipes, solenoids, manifolds, drip systems and underground tubing.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washers are outstanding surface cleaners with the versatility needed for any home improvement. Use the right touch and watch it remove years of discoloration in wood and restore stained concrete like new. Great for spraying down patio furniture, decks, fences, sidewalks, driveways and much more! You name it and we’ll wash it.

Custom Storage

Custom storage is an excellent way to get organize in the garage, home closet, or laundry room. With years of experience designing functional workstations the opportunities with wood lofts and metal shelving products are endless.  These smart systems are versatile, using strategic installation techniques to maximize space and strength while minimizing hardware damage. Get the most out of every inch, from floor to ceiling we’ve got it covered.

Painting & Staining

Paint & Stain is a category that includes the basic fundamentals of home lumber treatment. Regularly sealing exposed wood by staining fences or decks protects assets from weathering due to moisture, penetrating oil deep below the surface to restore years in its appearance.

General Handyman Services

General Handyman services encapsulate the broadest and most finite skillsets of home improvement. Acknowledging the small stuff that can sometimes be a huge effort like fixing pantry doors, hanging pictures, taking out walls and putting together furniture, etc.