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At Back to Basics it is our mission to honor customers with an authentic experience, generated by devoted home improvement professionals and fueled by premium performance, we strive for excellence inside and out.

To provide the most exceptional service, Back to Basics is dedicated to serving Highlands Ranch and the surrounding communities.

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“We used Cody to tear out and install our entire home with new baseboards. His experience was key when assisting us with information as we weren’t familiar with the process or what was available, he gave wonderful ideas and the end product turned out amazing! I have an ultra-busy lifestyle with 2 kids in sports and much going on in the day. From the start I had no hesitation leaving Cody to crawl around on the floor while I was gone because he was so professional and kind to my family. Such a wonderful young man you can tell how he was raised, and unbelievably hard working too. Really some of the best trim work I’ve seen, he is definitely a perfectionist who cares about his craft and we’re more than happy with that. I’d highly recommend Back to Basics a hundred times over!”

- Christine Howard


“When we received Cody’s first flyer for Holiday Lights it was a long time ago, we looked at his picture and just thought the idea was so creative we called him right then never expecting he’d still be installing our lights today. Throughout the years proving his talent on the roof, it’s been the non-tangibles like communication and consistency that stand out to impress me most about this young man. He is friendly and well organized, works hard and we have always appreciated his seasonal contribution.”

– Larry Bettermann


“I had known of Cody’s work ethic and energy from his days in high school. As a longtime resident of this neighborhood, I was used to seeing Cody’s bright orange flyers offering handyman services or other home improvement work. Delighted, I contacted Back to Basics to help solve some old fence and rickety gate problems. It was evident from the start that he listened intently to all my concerns validating my needs to accommodate the perfect repair strategy and restoring years back in the fence. I needed a new gate, what I got was a work of art. His construction methods are far superior, extending the 3 foot gate to a 4 foot wonder and I am loving the extra space!  I still show off the gate to anyone who comes by, often recommending Cody for his fencing expertise.”

 -Marje Marvez


“Our original deck was outdated and useless without stairs. We had issues on the market because the railing was not in code and the decking boards were bad, so the neighbor recommended Back to Basics and I’m happy to say my wife and I are extremely impressed! Cody stepped in with incredible insight and did exactly what he said he was going to do. The new decking is beautiful, it’s a total transformation, and the aluminum railing is way better I don’t know why we waited I cannot believe how capable he is. Great work, nice job mate! Five stars.”

 - Wayne Crowley


“I have known Cody to be hardworking and ambitious his whole life. One of the most driven people I have ever met, at a young age Cody just loved being present with people lending a hand and showing an aptitude for strong business relationships. In that time I feel like he has helped us with a ton of things around the house done right the first time too. He’s bright, charming, and there when we needed him. I would recommend him to anyone for anything. Two thumbs up!”

-Wendy Crichton


“I contacted Back to Basics right after pouring a new driveway to hear more about sealers and concrete epoxy. Cody came across as very knowledgeable, paid attention to details and orchestrated a rather complex process with composure. The garage floor looks remarkable! He really did a great job. The finish is better than we expected, has the perfect amount of shine. Very professional I’m largely impressed.”

-Tom Dreher


“Last year was my first year doing business with Back to Basics and I have to say his services have been a huge help.  My husband and I live in Highlands Ranch where we needed someone committed to the regular maintenance we couldn’t keep up with and since then he has been the right person for the job. Cody really is a jack of all trades so through the season we haven’t had to look anywhere else. Highly recommended!”

-Lori Lucas


“We first met Cody when we moved to our current home over 10 years ago. He was a freshman or sophomore in high school and came to our home asking if we were interested in hiring him to put up our Christmas lights and clean our gutters. I was surprised that a young teenager (I know he didn’t have a driver’s license at that time) was willing to come to our door and risk rejection from people he had never met. He was enthusiastic and enterprising at that young age.  We hired him then and have continued hiring him every year since to do the job! Talk about dependable. After the holiday season he takes the lights down and neatly boxes them for the next year. Cody has an engaging friendly personality and is willing to listen and learn from those who have more experience. He always has a smile on his face and is upbeat in whatever he is doing. We have also hired Cody to shovel our driveway and mow our lawn when we have been out of town. He also rototilled our garden last spring. It’s great to know someone in our neighborhood who we can count on to do these chores. Anytime we have a job that involves more skill or strength than my husband or I can handle, I think of checking with Cody. During the past 10 years, Cody has gained much more knowledge & many new skills so is capable of doing many different types of jobs. I know I can trust him to do the job to the best of his ability.  If you want someone you can count on and trust, check with Cody for any of your home improvement needs.”

-Sandy & Bill Hartigan


“For nine years now Cody has been our yard care specialist and has consistently provided outstanding service in so many ways. Week-in and week-out he exceeds our expectation. When people comment on the yard I always point them to Cody because he really can do it all. More like a neighbor and friend I promise he is a handyman you’ll save in your phone. He is driven. He’s local. He finds interest in the small things but has a skillset for the biggest projects. His business has something to offer everyone. Always recommended!”

 -Rob & Dianne Clarke


“Cody is an outstanding young man. He works incredibly hard and has such an unbelievably bright future. We’ve been so impressed. I can remember when he handed us that first Holiday Lights flyer in 2007, and to think he has not missed a single year since then is pretty amazing. That’s great work ethic and absolutely a tribute to his good communication. Now he does our entire spring cleaning checklist, gutters and fall cleanup too. Honestly, we don’t know what we would do without him!! Double recommended five stars!”

 -Kim & Kevin Owen